Year: 2004
USA: Paramount Pictures Corporation
Cast: Jude Law, Marisa Tomei, Susan Sarandon, Nia Long, Jane Krakowski, Sienna Miller, Omar Epps, Renee Taylor, Mos Def, Graydon Carter, Julienne Davis, Anastasia Griffith, Edward Hogg, Ben Jackson, Adoni Maropis, Claudette Mink, Marjan Neshat, Kevin Rahm, Finlay Robertson, Cosima Shaw, Tara Summers, Gedde Watanabe, Jo Yang, Dianne Zaremba
Director: Charles Shyer
Countries: UK / USA
UK: 106 mins
USA Rated: R for sexual content, some language and drug use
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate nudity and sex references
USA Release Date: 5 November 2004
UK Release Date: 22 October 2004


I subscribe to the European philosophy, my priorities leaning toward wine, women and - well, actually that's it, wine and women. Although women and women is always a fun option. Alfie Elkins

Find someone to love and live every day as though it's your last.
Words of wisdom ... not Alfie's

Yeah, it's true that Alfie Elkins epitomizes the swinging playboy bachelor archetype... But, underneath the charm, the bravado, the swagger... there's another side... a man who, as Mick Jagger's lyrics for "Alfie" so aptly describe... "won't let the love in."

ALFIE is the provocative tale of a philosophical womanizer who is forced to question his seemingly carefree existence. Ultimately, his freewheeling lifestyle begins to slowly unravel in this chic, sexy, stylistic cinematic experience.

The original ALFIE captured a blend of romp and reality that was shocking and innovative in its time, and introduced a young Michael Caine to the world. In this contemporary re-invention, Alfie Elkins (Jude Law) is now an irresistible Londoner who has taken up residence in Manhattan, where he hopes to make his fortune - and make love to as many beautiful women as possible. The sophistication of New York City is the perfect setting for Alfie, who knows that when it comes to shagging birds, it's all about one thing... "location, location, location." Surrounded by an abundance of gorgeousness and diversity, Alfie takes every opportunity to conquer all the women he can, whenever he can.

Alfie works as a limousine driver, chauffeuring the wealthy through the streets of Manhattan, and occasionally making love to his lonely female clients in the backseat. Though he has his ambitions, he wants only enough to get by, his primary focus being the pleasures of life - without any of the responsibilities.