Year: 2000
USA: MacGillivray Freeman Films / K2 Communications
Cast: Susan Campbell, Jeff Clark, Troy Hartman, Bryan Iguchi, Stephen C Sillett
Director: Greg MacGillivray
Country: USA
USA: 40 mins
USA Release Date: 12 May 2000 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


The wilds of California are not so much a place as they are a state of mind - a free-spirited, nature-infused way of life that is viscerally captured in ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA, the latest IMAX® theatre adventure from MacGillivray Freeman Films and K2 Communications. ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA is a virtual expedition that sends audiences careening down an icy, steep mountain face with snowboarders; twirling on thermals above the clouds with skysurfers; swimming through the oceans with otters and their surrogate human mother; excavating the very heart of a thirty-story tall Giant Sequoia with botanists and emerging from under the spray of one of California's biggest, surfable waves. The heart-pounding imagery recreates an experience of California's furthest edges few will ever know first-hand. Created by the same team that brought EVEREST to IMAX theatres, ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA is at once a celebration of California's wild nature and a call to preserve and protect its wild places for future generations of adventurers.