Year: 2006
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast: Susan May Pratt, Richard Speight Jr, Niklaus Lange, Ali Hillis, Cameron Richardson, Eric Dane, Mattea Gabarretta, Alexandra Raach, Wolfgang Raach, Kelly Wagner
Director: Hans Horn
Country: Germany
UK: 94 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and nudity
UK Release Date: 1 September 2006


Based on a real event, ADRIFT tells the thrilling story of six long-time friends who reunite for a tropical cruise aboard a luxury yacht and end up in a fight for their lives.

The yacht in question belongs to former bachelor and lifelong daredevil Dan (Eric Dane), who's now dating the beautiful Michelle (Cameron Richardson). Dan appears to have done very well for himself in the past few years, and one wonders whether Michelle is more interested in Dan's dashing good looks and charm or his alleged fortune.

To celebrate his friend Zach's birthday, Dan invites his old group of friends to join him on the yacht for a cruise. The extroverted Zach (Niklaus Lange) arrives at the Mexican coastal resort by motorcycle accompanied by his girlfriend Lauren (Ali Hillis). He's followed by Amy (Susan May Pratt), her husband James (Richard Speight Jr), and their newborn baby girl, Sara.

As they set sail, the group finds it a bit odd that Amy wears a life jacket at all times on the ship but only James knows the truth. Amy has had a lifelong fear of the water since, as a child, she watched her father drown in the ocean.

Nonetheless, Amy's phobia doesn't keep everyone from having a good time. Champagne flows freely. A few hours after departure, the group casts anchor near a spectacular reef in the open water. The sun blazing, they decide to take a refreshing swim. Only Dan and Amy stay aboard, so Amy can look after her baby.

On a whim, Dan tries to cure Amy of her fear by literally throwing her into the deep end. He follows, jumping into the cool water with the others. But what began as a joke soon turns out to be a fatal mistake when the friends discover that they forgot to let down the boarding ladder before they jumped into the water.

Panic and anger take hold as they desperately try to reach the deck. It's right above their heads, almost within their grasp, but the exterior hull is too high and slippery to scale. Then an impetuous attempt to climb the hull with a diver's knife ends in a life-threatening accident as Dan nearly kills Zach in the process. The tension between the friends escalates while they await rescue.

To compound things, help from the mainland doesn't materialize and passing ships are just outside their reach. Hour after hour they drift through the water as the tropical paradise with its magnificent reefs and crystal clear water threatens to become a watery grave. But the gravity of the situation finally peaks when they hear baby Sara crying, she's still on board.

ADRIFT is a dramatic race against time that builds towards a chilling conclusion.