Year: 2005
USA: TLA Releasing
Cast: Craig Chester, Malcolm Gets, Parker Posey, Chris Kattan, Melinda Dillon, Paul Sand, Sally Kirkland, Julie Hagerty, Cary Curran, Noah Segan, Jackie Beat, Mario Diaz, Lisa Frederickson, Sandy Martin, Michael Panes, Jennifer Echols, Jack Guzman, Maxine Prescott, Brandon Miller, Augi Amarino, Steve Geary, La Na Shi, Todd Robert Anderson, Thomas Kopache, Nadya Ginsburg, Kristen Schaal, Dennis James Ignarro, Deb Lemen, David Pevsner
Director: Craig Chester
Country: USA
USA: 99 mins
USA Release Date: 31 March 2006 (Limited Release)


An irreverent romantic comedy from the producers of LATTER DAYS. Starring Craig Chester, Malcolm Gets, Parker Posey and Chris Kattan.

Inhabiting a post 9/11 New York, ADAM & STEVE follows the romantic trajectory of two people struggling to make love work in spite of overwhelming odds. Having met in the 80's after a disastrous one night stand, Adam (Craig Chester) and Steve (Malcolm Gets) don't recognize each other when they meet again fifteen years later.

However with the help of their best friends, formerly obese stand up comic Rhonda (Parker Posey), and straight guy ladies man Michael (Chris Kattan), our protagonists fall in love only to realize, a year into their relationship, that they met before and unwittingly changed the course of each other's lives that fatefull night in the 80's.

Now the question is: can they accept this and incorporate it into their current understanding of each other? Or more importantly, can they hold hands on the street without being beaten up?