Year: 1993
UK DVD: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: Antonio Resines, Alex Angulo, Frederique Feder, Fernando Guillen, Juan Viadas, Karra Elejalde
Director: Alex De La Iglesia
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
USA: 95 mins
UK: 90 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language and strong, bloody violence
UK DVD Release Date: 26 December 2007


In the near future, the world cruelly pitches the insanely rich and diabolically beautiful against the tragically ugly and unfortunately poverty-stricken. But salvation is at hand for the underbelly of society: they call themselves....Accion Mutante!

Yarritu, their fearless and incorrigible leader, recently released from prison and anxious for change the fortunes of his misshapen band of cultural terrorists, steps up a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy mogul. But when the plot goes disastrously wrong, the gruesome group of renegades crash lands on the planet Axturiax. Pursued across space by a ferocious government, the grotesque and the gorgeous must take matters into their own hands and look to each other for survival. This hysterical sci-fi comedy horror is like nothing you've ever experienced.

Like his countrymen Guillermo del Toro and 'Accion Mutante' producer Pedro Almodovar, Alex De La Iglesia injects his audacious, hyper-stylised cinematic assaults on the senses with the vibrancy of a master filmmaker. Here, his wild, weird and whacked out debut springs to life for the first time on UK DVD.


"Making Of.." featurette - approximately 30 minutes