Year: 2006
UK DVD: Metrodome
Cast: James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, Brad Renfro, Piper Perabo, Dennis Hopper, Lesley Ann Warren, Dash Mihok, Tommy Lee, Brian Dennehy, Val Kilmer, Jeffrey Tott, James Grimaldi, Joey Boombotze, Igor De Laurentiis, Aaron Bernard, Joseph Cacia, John Capodice, Veronica De Laurentiis, Doreen Dunlap, Billy Gallo, Ken Garito, Tony Luke Jr, Corina Marie, Sonny Marinelli, Amanda Moresco, Paul Rosenbaum, Leo Rossi, Francesco Salvi, Barry Sigismondi, Frank Sisto, Ingrid Sonnichsen, Dan Trevelino, Pete Landis, James Heaphy, Nickole Horrell, John Donaldson, Jesse Gullion, Johnny Ligato, Tony Devon, Patrick Brennan, Joe Pistone, Rose Rossi, Michilline Arvie, Larry Demme
Director: Robert Moresco
Country: USA
USA: 110 mins
UK: 107 mins
USA Rated: R for strong brutal violence, pervasive language, some drug content and sexuality/nudity
UK Certificate: 15
USA Release Date: 18 August 2006 (Limited Release)
UK DVD Release Date: 6 August 2007


When he enlisted in the Marines, Tommy Santoro (James Marsden) thought he'd left behind his family's involvement in organized crime, and hoped he'd buried the memory of his murdered father once and for all.

Then an insubordinate act and a visit from the FBI, with an offer he couldn't refuse, sent him home to face the biggest moral dilemma of his life. His brother Vincent and cousin Joey have become something he vowed never to be, and now, faced with the only option to save his family, he's coming home...to become something much worse.

Inspired by a true story from the FBI agent known as "Donnie Brasco" and featuring an all-star cast including Giovanni Ribisi, Val Kilmer and Dennis Hopper, 10th & Wolf reveals the fear and betrayal that lurks behind the decadent façade of the Goodfella lifestyle.

From the academy award winning writer of CRASH, 10TH & WOLF is inspired by a true story from the FBI Special Agent Joseph D Pistone, also known as Donnie Brasco.


Behind the Scenes