ANGRY KID: season 1

He’s a snot-nosed ginger twelve-year-old lout with no mates. He is Angry Kid. From his launch on the Internet to his appearances on BBC3, Angry Kid has built up a loyal following of fans.

Angry Kid wears a parka and smells of biscuits. He is stuck at that awkward age between childhood and adolescence, and has an endless fascination with the banal, visceral minutiae of growing up, displaying an unhealthy interest in bodily functions and secondary sexual characteristics.

Living in a down-market suburban environment, Angry Kid comes from an era before there were Gameboys, pump-up trainers and pop idols. But he rises above his mundane surroundings with his puerile sense of humour and surreal (if somewhat stunted) imagination. He is in a constant state of conflict with authority, represented primarily by his long-suffering Dad, whom he subjects to a barrage of prurient, embarrassing and irritating questions. His only true comrade is his vicious and untrustworthy pit bull terrier, Dog.

Angry Kid provides a unique peep-show into the fetid world of the prepubescent schoolboy’s mind. The films are fraught with gross-out comedy, hilarious misunderstandings and a cast of bizarre, if strangely familiar characters. Because however much we may wince at his appalling antics, Angry Kid reminds us of the twisted youth that still lurks somewhere inside us all.

Angry Kid Season One DVD contains all 25 episodes plus ‘Inside Angry Kid " the making of’ documentary, three hilarious ‘foreign language’ films, an extended ‘Director’s Cut’ of one of the episodes, a season two teaser, an images gallery and copies of Angry Kid’s school and police reports!!


Certificate: 15
Feature running time: 62 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Hard of Hearing English,
Original Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sound Quality: Dolby Digital
DVD Special Features: Inside Angry Kid " The making of…
3 foreign language films
Angry Kid the Director’s Cut
Season 2 Teaser
Stills gallery
Angry Kid’s School and Police reports
Series 1 Montage