ANGEL: season 3

Fatherhood, demons and love… Angel and the rest of the crew face difficult choices in Angel Season 3 and the DVD box set comes with series outtakes, screen tests, series overview and commentaries from the production team including Joss Whedon.

Following Buffy’s death Angel realises that he can continue without her, as does the series and we get the chance to delve deeper into the mind of our favourite troubled vampire and the characters around him. Haunted with questions of loyalty, love and destiny, Angel struggles between his role as father to his newly born son Connor, and the fear that the child may have it’s own demonic connections…

In this 6-disc box set, the season gets straight down to business for Angel when ex-lover Darla arrives and announces that she is pregnant with his child. Whilst Angel is excited with the prospect of being a father, he is forced to fear baby Conner as his colleagues uncover a prophecy that the new arrival will bring a force of evil that will be the ruination of mankind. When a cult entices Angel with his own son’s blood, can he stop himself from harming Connor?

Holtz (guest star Keith Szarabajka) seeks justice in this series from Angel, who in his evil past once killed his family. Holtz sees the perfect way to get revenge on Angel by taking Connor away to a fast time Hell Dimension. There, Holtz brings up Connor as his own son, willing him to hate and kill Angel when he grows up. Connor returns as a teenager (Vincent Kartheiser) and is forced to decide between his love for a natural father and that of an adopted father…

Meanwhile, Cordelia is plagued with painful visions as she gets in touch with her demonic side. This leaves her questioning her place in life and the consequences of her past actions. What if she had taken a different path and had become an actress? Are our paths really pre-determined? Her troubles bring her to question her love for Angel - does she love him or can she find love with The Groosalugg?

Fred is also faced with family problems as her family come to visit Los Angeles, leading her to worry about her worthiness to Angel’s good cause. Gunn and Wesley try to help her but are troubled by their own dilemma… to choose between their own dark side and their moral place in this world.

In this DVD box set the writers re-introduce all the elements by adding in flashbacks to Angel and Darla’s evil past, taking us right back to the 1700’s with further understanding as to where Angel comes from.

Running Time: Each episode approx: 45 minutes (22 episodes)
Certificate: 15
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing
Original Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (Widescreen 16 X 9)
Sound & Picture Quality: Dolby surround 2.0


Disc 1
That Vision Thing
That Old Gang Of Mine
Carpe Noctum

Disc 2
Commentary for Billy by Tim Minear and Jeffrey Bell

Disc 3
Buffy Season 2 DVD Trailer
Buffy Season 3 DVD Trailer
Buffy Season 4 DVD Trailer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Feature Trailer
Angel Season 1 DVD Trailer
Angel Season 2 DVD Trailer

Disc 4
Waiting in the Wings
Deleted Scene from Waiting in the Wings
Commentary for Waiting in the Wings by Joss Whedon

Disc 5
Sleep Tight
Double or Nothing
The Price

Disc 6
A New World
Featurette: Season 3 Overview
Feataurette: Page to Screen
Amy Acker Screen Test
Vincent Kartheiser Screen Test
Still Gallery " 50 images approx.