Starring: Francesca Neri, Javier Bardem
Director: Bigas Luna
Year: 1990
Country: Spain
UK certificate:18

From the director of raunchy comedies Jamon Jamon and Golden Balls. Lulu meets Pablo as a teenager and experiences her first sexual encounter. Years later they meet again and marry. But the passion dies and so Lulu increasingly seeks out the darker world of the seedy bars and sleazy clubs, discovering forbidden desires as she lets go of her sexual inhibitions.

A kinky tale of passion and deeper lusts, Bigas Luna’s Ages of Lulu is oozing with erotic imagery, which blends surrealism and realism together in a spicy mix. It stars Francesca Neri as Lulu and also features Javier Bardem (Golden Balls, Live Flesh, When Night Falls) in one of his earliest roles.

The DVD release features material that was previously banned on the video release.


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