Interactive DVD Game

UK DVD game: Universal Pictures
UK DVD Release Date: 12 November 2007

If you like a good ‘whodunnit’ and fancy exercising ‘those little grey cells’ then why not take Poirot’s challenge and figure out who the murderer is in POIROT - AFTER THE FUNERAL DVD Game.

This unique game, which features an exclusive performance by David Suchet aka TV’s Hercule Poirot himself, will provide hours of superb fun for all the family.

Who needs ‘Cluedo’ when you can host your very own murder mystery party utilising the latest DVD Game technology. Hosted by one of the most popular detectives from the world of crime fiction, Agatha Christie’s Poirot will take you and your teams through a series of exciting games and puzzles, where you can test your detective skills and powers of observation, analysis and of course that all important intuition, as you try to identify the murderer!

POIROT " AFTER THE FUNERAL also features more than 40 minutes of original ‘After The Funeral’ TV movie footage and with fast exciting game play and 9 different puzzles types, offers a different game each time you play.