24: SEASON 3

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Kiefer Sutherland returns as Special Agent Jack Bauer and this time he's thrown into another crazy 24 hours that bring bio-terror and personal struggle It’s now three years since President Palmer's (Dennis Haysbert, Far From Heaven) palm peril, and Jack is back onboard for the latest L.A. crisis. The threat is greater, the suspense higher, and the plot deeper as Jack & Co. fight to stop the catastrophic release of one of the deadliest viruses ever.

Time has passed since the nuclear bomb exploded in the Mojave Desert and Jack is once again working at the LA Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), this time with an edgy new partner, Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale, Lord of the Flies). Meanwhile, a more mature Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert, The Girl Next Door) has found herself a job as a CTU low-level analyst under her father’s watchful eye. Little does Jack know that Chase has teamed up with more than just one Bauer!

After spending a year working deep undercover, Jack put powerful drug baron Ramon Salazar (Joaquim de Almeida, Only You) behind bars. However, now Salazar's brother and an army of henchmen are demanding that he be released from the high security prison or else.

If CTU doesn't comply with their demands, a type three pulmonary immuno virus will be released to the general population by the evil drugs cartel. This virus has the potential to have global repercussions and the only thing standing between them is Jack.

Assigned to dealing with the threat, Jack takes on the battle against the hidden terrorists whilst facing his own battle against heroin addiction sustained during his time undercover.

Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) has taken up the position of CTU Director and is now married to Intelligence Agent Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth). President David Palmer is in the middle of his re-election campaign, three years after the attempt on his life. His health is now stable, but he has regular check-ups to ensure his continued wellbeing. He is having to deal with a smear campaign launched by his opponent with his brother Wayne (D.B. Woodside, Romeo Must Die) by his side as his new chief of staff. To cap it all, it seems there is a traitor operating within CTU. It's gonna be one hell of a day!

The 7-DVD boxset of 24 Season 3 features deleted scenes, cast and crew commentaries including Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard, Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers), creator Joel Surnow and Executive Producer Howard Gordon. You can travel even deeper into the world of CTU with three exclusive documentaries, “24: On the Loose”, “Boys and Their Toys”, and “Biothreat: Beyond the Series”. All deleted scenes are available with optional commentaries.


Certificate: 15
Running time: Each Episode approx. 45 mins
Language: English
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 FF
Sound Quality: 5.1

22 Deleted scenes which can be viewed independently (with or without commentaries) or branched into the episodes
Documentary: 24: On the Loose (36 mins)
Featurette: Boys and Their Toys (7 mins)
Featurette: Biothreat: Beyond the Series
Multi-Angle Study