10cc - ALIVE: The Classic Hits Tour
Review by Nigel A. Messenger

This is the definitive 10cc concert music video.

10cc had a string of massive pop hits throughout the 1970's which included RUBBER BULLETS, I'M NOT IN LOVE and DREADLOCK HOLIDAY. The band reformed for a major tour of Japan and the UK in 1993 now featuring the original Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman plus new members Rick Fenn, Stuart Tosh, Gary Wallis and Steve Pigott.

This video is the recording of that 1993 sell-out tour. It's a real trip down memory lane for those who were around particularly in the 1970's when 10cc were at their height of fame. It's great to see these hit songs performed once again and if you were a 10cc fan or you want ot buy a present for your mum or dad, who might not have seen them in action for a while, this dvd and video release certainly won't disappoint anyone. My personal favorite - RUBBER BULLETS


Wall Street Shuffle
Good Morning Judge
Welcome To Paradise
The Things We Do For Love
Across The Universe
Stars Didn't Shine
Art for Art's Sake
Paperback Writer
Shine A Light
Feel The Benefit
Dreadlock Holiday
I'm Not In Love
Rubber Bullets
Slow Down